Welcome to Yuba Sutter Tang Soo Do Academy


     We've been providing top-quality martial arts instruction in the Yuba Sutter area for nearly 40 years.  At YSTSDA, our goal is to develop excellent character, leadership qualities, and of course, equip you with great self-defense skills.  We are conveniently located in Yuba City just a few blocks off Hwy 99 at 229 Clark Ave, Suite D, in the Hillcrest Plaza.

What is Tang Soo Do?


     Tang Soo Do is a powerful Korean martial art based upon the ancient Korean fighting styles of Soo Bahk and Tae Kyun.  Although derived from the same deep roots as it's more well-know cousin, tae kwon do, Tang Soo Do is taught as a traditional martial art rather than a sport.

     Tang Soo Do has been influenced by the graceful and flowing style of both Northern and Southern Chinese martial arts systems, as well as the Okinawan discipline of Karate.


For more information check out our "History" section on the Student Resources page.