Meet Our Instructors



Sam Dan  (3rd degree black belt)

(Dan Bon: MWA 06-06 )

Martial Way Association


David Streng started training at Yuba Sutter Tang Soo Do Academy in 2000 at the age
of five years. However, he did not become a full-time student until 2002.  He earned his Cho Dan in 2006 at the age of eleven years old.  He was promoted to Ee Dan in February 2011 and Sam Dan in June of 2013


Mr. Streng states that one of the reasons he has been successful in school is  because of his martial arts training. He credits Tang Soo Do with helping him “learn how to learn”.   Other benefits derived from his Martial arts training include flexibility, coordination, self-confidence, learning to set and work towards long term goals, and his ability to get along well with both
adults and children.


His other interests include archery and video games. He currently teaches archery two days a week. He says that teaching martial arts has helped him be a better archery coach as he already knows how motivate others. He also enjoys keeping an aquarium, and spending time with his cat.