Meet Our Instructors



Master Instructor (Sa Bom)

Sa Dan  (4th degree black belt)

(Dan Bon:  MWA 06-04)

From: Martial Way Association


Mr. Snee began training in Tang Soo Do in February of 2001 at Yuba Sutter Tang Soo Do Academy together with his two sons.  His intention was to find an activity to enjoy with his boys. They trained together for over three years, advancing to 2nd Gup together. At that time, the boys went on to train in another style, while Mr. Snee continued to study Tang Soo Do, having developed friendships and camaraderie with the people he had been training with.

Mr. Snee was awarded the rank of Cho Dan (1st degree black belt) on April 15th, 2006, by Grandmaster Andy Ah Po of the Martial Way Association. He continued his training under Master Propst and Grand Master Andy Ah Po and began teaching on a regular basis in October of 2008


Under the guidance and support of Master Mark Mathias and Kyo Sa Rhoades he tested and passed his Ee Dan promotional exam in August of 2010 and Sam Dan exam in October of 2013.  He was promoted to Sa Dan by Grandmaster David Sgro in June, 2019


He balances his time between his family, playing in a local classic rock band , and teaching and training in Tang Soo Do and studying Brazilian Jiujistu, and Escrima.


“I am proud to be associated with Yuba Sutter Tang Soo Do Academy

and I am proud of the students that I teach and train with.”


~ John Snee ~