Meet Our Instructors

Marsha Henderson

Certified Instructor (Kyo Sa)

Sam Dan  (3rd degree black belt)

(Dan Bon: 31906)

from:  U.S. Soo Bahk Do Federation


Kyo Sa Henderson is currently on hiatus but, hopefully, will return to teaching in the future.  She began training in 1989 under Master Steve Propst. She assumed regular teaching responsibility as a 3rd Gup.  In 1993 she was promoted to Cho Dan (1st degree black belt).


Beginning in 1994, she began training under (then) Sa Bom Nim Andy Ah Po and was promoted to E Dan (2nd degree black belt) in 1996.  She continued to study under both Master Propst and Sa Bom Nim Ah Po to achieve Sam Dan (3rd Degree black belt) level in 2000.


It was during this period that she (together with partners, Kyo Sa Bennie Whipple and Ms. MaryAnn Perez) opened a new Tang Soo Do studio in Yuba City under the auspices of Sa Bom Nim Ah Po.


Highlights of her martial arts career include US Soo Bahk Do Western Regional and National Championship Tournaments in individual and team participation.  As a member of Master Ah Po's first-ever all-women's team, she took First Place honors in forms competition and went on to represent the Western Regional states at the Tang Soo Do National Championships, where the team took home 3rd place honors in 1997.


She has conducted women's self-defense courses  in partnership with Kyo Sa Whipple and Ms. Perez (in the Yuba Sutter area) and in partnership with Bruce Anderson (at Northern California regional events). 


In her professional career, she has been a registered dental hygienist since 1978, employed by Cordano Spears Dental, Inc. for the past 27 years in general dentistry. 


In addition to martial arts, her interests include kayaking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, travel, and volunteering for non-profit organizations.  She is currently Board Chairman of Ampla Health Foundation.