Programs Available


4 to 6 year-olds



Our Tigers program is geared for pre-school and kindergarteners, ages four to six.  It's best described as "pre-karate".  While we teach basic technique (blocks, punches, and kicks), pre-schoolers are usually not developmentally ready for more rigorous training such as forms and sparring.


We utilize activities and games designed to promote the development of hand-eye coordination, spacial awareness, and reflexes.  Many of our Tigers move on into the Dragons program where they begin to advance through the belt-system toward black belt status.


6 to 12 year-olds



Our Dragons class is the entry-level program for elementary school-age children.  We focus on the development of basic skills (blocks, strikes, and kicks), teaching the first basic forms and partner exercises, as well as helping students understand that the development of character and self-discipline must be an integral part of their martial arts training.


Students who advance to GREEN BELT level (roughly a full year of basic instruction) are invited to participate in the Teen / Adult classes where they can receive a higher level of training.

Teen and Adults


While the threshold for this program isn't strictly age-based, students in our Teen and Adult program must be at a maturity level that allows for a more serious focus on the practical application of martial arts training. 


The curriculum is the same as for younger students, but we stress a deeper understanding of the application of techniques (i.e.  understanding the development of power, target specificity, & understanding the body's built-in weapons) and the importance of self-discipline both inside the studio and out.


We also actively promote the development of leadership skills.