Strikes - "Kong Kyuck"

Middle Punch                   Choong Dan Kong Kyuck

High Punch                       Sang Dan Kong Kyuck

Side Punch                       When Jin Kong Kyuck

Knife Hand                       Soo Do Kong Kyuck

Spear Hand                      Kwan Soo Kong Kyuck

Backfist                            Cap Kwon Kong Kyuck

Elbow Strike                     Pahl Koop Kong Kyuck

Palm Heel                        Jang Kwon Kong Kyuck

Hammer Fist                    Kwon Do Kong Kyuck

Ridgehand                       Yuk Soo Do Kong Kyuck

Plier Hand                        Jip Kye Son

One Finger Spear            Il Ji Kwon Soo

Two Finger Spear            E Ji Kwan Soo

One Knuckle Attack         Il Ji Kwon

Upper Wrist Attack          Sohn Mok Deung Kong Kyuck

Soft Fist Attack                Yoo Kwon Kong Kyuck


Any of these attacks can be done as a "Reverse" technique (Right-hand attack from a left-foot-forward stance  or a Left-hand attack from a right-foot-forward stance).


The Korean term for a "reverse" technique is "Tuelo-O" (pronounced "Turo".  For example, a reverse elbow strike would be pronounced "Tuel-O Pahl Koop Kong Kyuk"  or a reverse middle punch would be "Tuel-O Choong Dan Kong Kyuk.