Testing Requirments

11th Gup - White Belt with a Red Stripe


(This belt level is for the Kids' Track only)


Test Fees


     Test Fees are $35 and are due PRIOR to the day of testing


Testing Requirements


    Know your Testing Requirments!

    Dowload them...      Print them out...      Study them...


Written Tests


    The Multiple Choice Written Tests attached below are "OPEN

    BOOK".   That means that you may download and print them out

    and complete them at home.  You will find all of the answers in

    the "Testing Requirments" provided below.


    Each time you test, you must complete NOT ONLY the exam for

    the rank you are testing for, BUT EACH OF THE RANKS YOU



    For example - when you test for 10th gup, you will complete the

    written exam for 13th, 12th, 11th, AND 10th


     The goal is to know the material so well that by the time you test

     for Black Belt you can pass a test containing ALL of the

     knowlege you have learned in a CLOSED BOOK exam to be

     completed at the studio


Test Forms


    Download, Print Out, and Fill In  the test form attached below.

    You only need to complete the student information section.  Do

    NOT fill in any boxes or mark on the form below the Parent

    Signature  line.  


    Make sure BOTH the student and the parent sign the form


    If you don't remember your rank - look at your last promotion

    certificate.    ("white belt"  or "orange belt"  is NOT a rank - your

    rank is what GUP LEVEL you are.




             the   "TESTING REQUIREMENTS"

             the   "TEST QUESTIONS"

      and the   "TEST FORM"     click on the appropriate icon below:




Testing Requirements - 11th gup.pdf
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Test Questions 11th Gup.pdf
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