Testing Requirements

Cho Dan (first degree Black Belt) - Midnight Blue Belt


(In Traditional Tang Soo Do, Dans wear Midnight Blue Belts rather than Black Belts, because our founder - the Great Grand Master Hwang Kee - felt that black symbolized death and the end of things, while the color of the midnight sky represented an on-going search for knowledge and understanding.   Thus, he chose Midnight Blue as the color for all Dan ranks, to signify that our training and quest for improvement does not stop just because we have reach a certain level of expertise)




The requirements for Cho Dan may include ANYTHING you have learned since you began your training.


Any Terminology                           Sparring


Any Forms requested                  And you must demonstrate

                                                                          a minimum of TWO effective

                                                        Bunkai from EACH FORM

                 Kicho Hyung Ill Bu                       

                 Kicho Hyung E Bu

                 Kicho Hyung Sam Bu


                 Pyung Ahn Cho Dan

                 Pyung Ahn E Dan

                 Pyung Ahn Sam Dan

                 Pyung Ahn Sa Dan

                 Pyung Ahn O Dan


                 Passai Dai

                 Nihanji Cho Dan


                 Rolling Kata